Problems applying a Gift Card or Promo

I can’t use my Gift Card or Promo. What should I do?

You might be having trouble using a Gift Card during checkout on a store’s website or app. Or, you’re experiencing a Promo issue while using ShopBack Pay’s checkout services.

What you can try

For Gift Cards

Check the Gift Card’s terms and conditions to make sure that it hasn’t expired or already been used (by you or someone else). If that doesn’t solve it, the best way is to contact the store you’re trying to use the Gift Card with.

Note: Specifically for Ultimate Gift Card, when shopping online, enter your card details in the debit/credit card section and not the gift card section. You may refer to this article on how to use: Ultimate Gift Card

But if it’s something ShopBack can help with, reach out our support team and we’ll try our best to help.

For Promos

Make sure you’re applying the Promo according to the terms of use and that it hasn’t expired yet. Sometimes, our platform might be taking a minute to update - so wait a while and try again.

If you still need help applying Promos, don’t hesitate and reach out to Sparky, ShopBack’s virtual assistant.

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