Cashback glossary: What the different terms mean

This is a short and sweet Cashback glossary to demystify all Cashback-related lingo we use.

1. Cashback balances

1a. Available balance

This shows the total confirmed, validated cash in your account that you can withdraw to your bank account.

1b. Lifetime earnings

This shows how much Cashback you’ve earned using ShopBack since the day you joined. This includes Pending, Confirmed, and withdrawn amount. Rejected Cashback is not included in this.

1c. Pending earnings

This is Cashback waiting to be confirmed from our partner store.

1d. Withdrawn amount

This is the Cashback amount you’ve withdrawn to your bank account.


2. Cashback statuses

2a. Confirmed

Cashback has been validated and added to your Available Balance for withdrawal.

2b. Pending

Cashback hasn’t been validated by our partner store yet.

2c. Rejected

Cashback has been disqualified by the store for not meeting the terms of use.


3. Cashback types

3a. Bonus

This is extra Cashback you can earn during special promotions like this partnership with Westpac. You have to meet all the criteria to unlock the bonus, so be sure to check the details when there is bonus Cashback offered.

3b. Cashback

It’s cash that you earn when you use ShopBack to shop at other stores. Withdraw this to your bank account and spend how you please.

3c. Upsized

When there is a special promotion with an increased Cashback in a short period of time, we call it an upsized Cashback. Take advantage of it while it lasts!


4. Customer types

4a. Existing customer

You’re considered an existing customer if you’ve shopped at the store before using ShopBack.

4b. New customer 

You’re considered a new customer if you’ve never shopped at that store.


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Sparky, ShopBack’s virtual assistant and we will be glad to assist you!

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