FAQs for recipients of ShopBack Gifting

1) I've received a gift! How do I use it?

Step 1: Open your gift
Tap “Open Your Gift” in the email you received from ShopBack. You don't need a ShopBack account to use your gift, but you will need to use the browser on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Check gift details
Read through carefully for details on how exactly to use your gift, and look for an expiry date.
Redemption could be online via a voucher code or may require staff to enter a PIN code in-store.

Step 3: Enjoy your gift
That's it! :)


2) Where are my ShopBack Gifting redemption instructions?

Instructions on how to redeem your gift card/voucher can be found directly on the gift card/voucher screen.


3) I can't redeem my gift. Can I transfer it to someone else?

No, sorry - gifts are non-transferrable.


4) When does my gift expire?

The validity and expiry date will be displayed on the gift card/voucher screen. These dates may vary depending on the type of gift.


5) What happens to expired gifts?

All expired vouchers are voided automatically, and cannot be refunded. We are unable to extend the validity of vouchers, as they have a fixed expiry date from the time of purchase.

However, if a gift card/voucher expires because of an error from our end from a particular store, please reach out to our support team here - we'd be happy to investigate and rectify the situation.


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