Voucher Cashback

1. Is there Cashback for Voucher purchases?

Yes! The Cashback amount may vary for each Voucher. The Voucher detail page will show you how much Cashback you’ll earn when you buy it.


2. When will my Cashback be tracked?

Your Cashback will be tracked once you’ve successfully purchased a Voucher.

3. When will my tracked Cashback be Confirmed?

Your tracked Cashback will be Confirmed within 24 hours of you redeeming the Voucher at the outlet.
Do take note that Cashback will be rejected for expired/refunded/cancelled Vouchers

4. What should I do if Cashback for my Voucher purchase is not tracked?

Please contact our Support Team here, and mention your ShopBack-registered email address, the Voucher name, and your Order ID.

5. Can I Boost to get more Cashback for my Voucher purchase?

No – Boost cannot be used for in-app Voucher purchases.
However, you can Boost before you pay for in-store purchases using your linked card at participating outlets.

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