Why is my In-Store Cashback still pending?

When you make an in-store payment at a merchant, your Cashback status will appear as 'Pending'. It will change to 'Confirmed' on your next visit to the same merchant/outlet, as long as it's before the date mentioned in the blue Cashback info box on the merchant's/outlet's page.

  • Log in to ShopBack app -> click on 'In-Store' Icon on Homepage -> click on search -> search for the merchant & outlet to view the details OR
  • Go to your Cashback Overview -> find the pending Cashback (You may search by month, Cashback status, and/or store name) -> Click on the drop-down arrow top right of the Cashback, and you can view the details

The Cashback will turn Confirmed within 7-14 days once your subsequent Cashback is tracked.

Please note, this expiry date may vary by merchant.



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