What are the benefits of using In-Store Cashback?

The biggest benefit: getting paid to eat, because you can earn Cashback and Rewards at our partner locations!

Need more reasons? Here's why In-Store Cashback is awesome:

- It's free to use, and super easy too. Just pay as you normally do, using your linked credit card.

- It's hassle-free, with no need to print deals, scan QR codes, sign up for loyalty programs, etc.

- You earn Cashback on top of your credit card rebates/miles/points. - You can use easy contactless payment methods like Google Pay/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay and still earn Cashback.

- You can save up to 50% with exclusive In-Store vouchers in the app, and even buy these vouchers using your Cashback.

No fees, no subscription costs. Just cold, hard Cashback on the things you love doing!


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