Can I link my Facebook/Apple to ShopBack account? (Even if I have delinked it?)

Sure, you can! Here's how you do it. 

1) Click on "Login Settings" on your ShopBack mobile app


2) Click on "Link" on whichever social accounts that you want to link. (Do note that you can only link one social account to one ShopBack account at a time).


3) Put in your password for your ShopBack account and click "Next".


4) a. This is if you would like to link your Facebook account. Click "Continue" and you will be redirected to the Facebook account that is logged onto your mobile phone. 


4) b. This is if you would like to link your Apple account on your mobile phone. It's your choice to show your Apple ID on your ShopBack account or hide it. Then, click "Continue".


5) Hurray! You have successfully linked your social accounts(Facebook and Apple, if you linked two). Yes, you heard it right! You can link both of your Facebook and Apple ID(if you have both) to your ShopBack account and you can choose either one of it for log in purposes. 


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