Where can I find Partner Stores' Terms & Conditions on ShopBack?

Our Partner Stores’ Terms & Conditions can be found on the respective Partner Store's Cashback Info page on our website.


1. ShopBack website on a desktop browser:

The Partner Store's Cashback Info and Terms and Conditions is accessible at the corresponding Cashback Info Page.

2. ShopBack App on a smartphone:

On ShopBack App, Cashback Info page is accessible by following the steps below:

2.1. Open and login on ShopBack App
2.2. Type in your favorite store name in the 'What are you looking for' search bar
2.3. The Cashback Details are located on the bottom right of the page under "Cashback Info". You can see it in the notes section, together with Tips to ensure Cashback, Cashback ineligible conditions, and other terms and conditions below the deals.

Here are some best practices to ensure your Cashback is always been tracked:

1. Do not click on any other coupon websites. Only use the coupons listed on ShopBack. You can access the full list of available coupons on every ShopBack store's page.
2. Enable cookies on your device and use the same device (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc) and browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc) throughout the ordering process. Ensure that your order is made on the same tab. It is recommended to use an incognito window to ensure that your cookies can be tracked properly. To learn how to enable cookies, click here.
3. Disable your Ad-Block. Adblockers will affect the tracking of your Cashback.
4. Ensure you've read and complied with all the partner stores’ Terms & Conditions.
5. Ensure that a click-through is made from ShopBack for every subsequent transaction (even when purchasing from the same store).

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to click here and we will be glad to assist you!

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