Cashback Troopers Game 2022

1) How To Play

  • Link the same icons to pop it
  • Gather 💎 to open the prize box
  • Prize box contains lots of good deals!


2) Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

a) How are lives earned?

    (i) You earn 1 additional life every 60 minutes.

    (ii) You can accumulate up to a total of 5 lives. Once you reach 5 or more lives, you no longer earn

         additional lives every 60 minutes.

b) How many max lives can I have?

    (i) You accumulate up to 5 max lives over time.

    (ii) Bonus lives can be added on top of that. e.g. I have 3 lives now, I redeem 10 bonus lives -> I now

         have 13 lives. Because I have 5 or more lives now, I stop earning additional lives every 60 minutes.

c) How can I earn extra lives?

    (i) You can buy extra lives in the prize shop.

d) How is score calculated?

    (i) Each trooper is worth 50 points. The longer the chain, the higher the score

e) How does the power bar work?

   (i) The power bar fills up as you earn points. It becomes full when you reach 2,500 points. Once full, tap

       on or clear a trooper to clear all troopers of that type.

   (ii) There is no spillover (i.e. You have 2400 points now -> you earn 300 points -> the power bar

        becomes full -> you use the power -> power bar resets at 0 and not 200)

f) What does the Clock character do?

   (i) The clock is a wildcard character, and can be chained with any trooper.

   (ii) Clearing the clock grants you 2 additional seconds.

   (iii) Fun fact: The clock's name is Chloe the Clock

g) What do the Special Troopers do?

    (i) Clearing a special trooper grants you 2x your chain score.

    (ii) Special troopers can "stack" (i.e. clearing 2 special troopers gives you 4x your chain score)

    (iii) Fun fact: The troopers names are Bill the Bonus, Nick the Nickel, Pursey the Purse, Penny the Coin

         and Happy Bag

h) How are points converted into diamonds?

    (i) Points earned in game are rounded down to the nearest 1,000. Every 1,000 points earned this way

        earns you 1 diamond.

I) How do I redeem a prize?

   (i) After you earn enough diamonds, you can redeem a prize in the prize shop.

j) What types of prizes can I redeem?

   (i) You can earn additional lives, lucky draw tickets, upsize Cashback, Vouchers, coupons and bonus


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