Cashback Troopers Game 2020

1) How To Play

  • Link the same icons to pop it
  • Gather 💎 to open the prize box
  • Prize box contains lots of good deals!


2) Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • How are lives earned?
    • You earn 1 additional life every 60 minutes.
      You can accumulate up to a total of 5 lives. Once you reach 5 or more lives, you no longer earn additional lives every 60 minutes.
  • How many max lives can I have?
    • You accumulate up to 5 max lives over time.
      Bonus lives can be added on top of that. e.g. I have 3 lives now, I redeem 10 bonus lives -> I now have 13 lives.
      Because I have 5 or more lives now, I stop earning additional lives every 60 minutes.
  • How can I earn extra lives?
    • You can buy extra lives in the prize shop.
  • How is score calculated?
    • Each trooper is worth 50 points.
      The longer the chain, the higher the score
  • How does the power bar work?
    • The power bar fills up as you earn points. It becomes full when you reach 2,500 points. Once full, tap on or clear a trooper to clear all troopers of that type.
      There is no spillover (i.e. You have 2400 points now -> you earn 300 points -> the power bar becomes full -> you use the power -> power bar resets at 0 and not 200)
  • What does the Clock character do?
    • The clock is a wildcard character, and can be chained with any trooper.
      Clearing the clock grants you 2 additional seconds.
      Fun fact: The clock's name is Chloe the Clock
  • What do the Special Troopers do?
    • Clearing a special trooper grants you 2x your chain score.
      Special troopers can "stack" (i.e. clearing 2 special troopers gives you 4x your chain score)
      Fun fact: The troopers names are Bill the Bonus, Nick the Nickel, Pursey the Purse, Penny the Coin and Happy Bag
  • How are points converted into diamonds?
    • Points earned in game are rounded down to the nearest 1,000. Every 1,000 points earned this way earns you 1 diamond.
  • How do I redeem a prize?
    • After you earn enough diamonds, you can redeem a prize in the prize shop.
  • What types of prizes can I redeem?
    • You can earn additional lives, lucky draw tickets, upsize cashback, vouchers, coupons and bonus cashback

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