I entered the wrong details for my Cashback withdrawal. What should I do?

To amend your withdrawal details, you will need to remove the details entered in your ShopBack account and re-enter the correct details.

If you have already made a request with the wrong details, you can proceed to request for a cancellation of the withdrawal via your account right away. 


How do you do this?


Step 1: Head on over to your Cashback Overview, then click on Withdrawal History. Click on the withdrawal in question then proceed to click on "Need help"



Step 2: Select the option to "Cancel Withdrawal Request" and include a note as to why you need this withdrawal canceled. 




Our team will then proceed to cancel the withdrawal for you. In the event that you see an error stating the withdrawal cannot be canceled, please reach out to us immediately with your ShopBack account email address, your withdrawal details, and the correct information. Our Support Team can be contacted here.


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