Westpac additional bonus statuses

Additional bonuses are bonuses you earn when you shop online through your ShopBack account with your linked Westpac card.

Pending Westpac bonus

The additional Westpac bonus will turn "Confirmed" 5 days after your linked order's Cashback turned "Confirmed".

For e.g. Once you've placed an order with THE ICONIC, you will earn a "Pending" Cashback from THE ICONIC and a "Pending" Westpac bonus. The pending Cashback will usually take 90 days for the store to validate. Once validated and it turned "Confirmed", your Westpac bonus will turn "Confirmed" after 5 days.


Here's an example of the Cashback and the bonus that you're earning from one purchase.


Note: The time taken to confirm will depend on the partner store's Claim Time (search their ShopBack page to view).

Missing Westpac bonus

There may be a few reasons why your Westpac bonus is missing:

  1. Purchased before linking Westpac Card
  2. Westpac card was unlinked from ShopBack Account
  3. Used PayPal, Klarna, Zip or Afterpay
  4. Used a Westpac business card
  5. Transaction wasn't recorded

If point 1 to point 4 happened, I'm afraid that you will not be eligible for the additional bonus as we did not earn any commissions from the partner store for your order and were therefore unable to credit the bonus to you.

However, if the transaction wasn't recorded, please proceed to submit a missing Cashback claim here.

Specifically for Expedia Australia's Westpac bonus, only "Pay Now" payment method is eligible for the bonus. If you choose to "Pay at the property", you will not be eligible for the bonus.

Rejected Westpac bonus

There could be 2 reasons why your Westpac bonus is rejected:

  1. Used wrong card to purchase (Business, Non-Westpac Card, etc)
  2. Used PayPal, Klarna, Zip or Afterpay

If none of the above happened, contact Sparky, ShopBack’s virtual assistant and our team will be happy to assist you!

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